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HOTI International is a non-profit for Young Adults 18-24 years old which, inspires, educates, mentors, and give’s them faith and confidence while sharing opportunities the world provides regardless of their race, social status or gender.

“Knowledge, confidence, drive and connections gives the power to see opportunities in this world”.

H.O.T.I. offers

HOTI offers a one week extravanza where 25 young adults participate in a multicultural event with kids from all over the world who have applied for the experience which entails a one week session with professional mentors of business, education, finance, faith, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. This one week gives young adults a road map of a life with the crucial characteristics needed to have an organized road map to achieve their goals and dreams with a beginning and end along with being able to handle the curves in the road. The location in Malibu California allows for the professional mentors and staff on site during the week long camp along with housing throughout the property provided for volunteers, mentors and guests.

H.O.T.I. 1 Week Experience includes daily routines and systems


Why Do We Help?

The Big Challenge: 

Jumping From Adolescence Into Adulthood Before becoming a full adult one must go through “emerging adulthood.”

At HOTI we bring light to these areas so these young adults can excel regardless of their past experiences.


Emerging adulthood is a period of development between the ages of 18 to 25 years which is distinct from adolescence and later stages of adulthood.
Five major struggles occur during emerging adulthood:

Brain science provides scientific support for this new stage of adulthood.
David J Bredehoft Ph.D.


Ap Racheal Kyomugisha Tumwine

Ap Racheal Kyomugisha Tumwine,she is from Kampala Uganda.She is the President of Christ Shekinah Newlife fellowship ministries. Tv host personality. She host a Tv program called Today’s woman. She a mother of 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls. she had an encounter with Jesus Christ in year 2004. She is called into full time ministry in the year 2016, and he had a mandate from God to raise men, women and youth in purity, power,and prosperity. Through the revelation of Jesus Christ she has about 4 branches around the nation.

Her ministry is always characterize with Deep preaching of God’s word,she is known also for the previllage gifts of revelation,prophetic and healing. She is dynamic teacher of God’s word with undeniable signs and wonders following her ministry. She has strong passion for souls,and missions around the world. SHE IS ANOINTED WOMAN OF GOD WITH SPECIAL PROPHETIC ANOINTING.